Pacific Air Cargo (PAC) has responded to customer demand by increasing flights from Los Angeles (LAX) to Honolulu (HNL). PAC now flies cargo daily to Honolulu , departing LAX at 2:30 am local time and arriving at HNL at 6:00 am local time.

“We are happy to announce the addition of our Sunday flight to meet increased demand, due in part to disruptions to the maritime shipping supply chain, and also by the approach of the holiday season,” stated Tanja Janfruechte, Pacific Air Cargo CEO.

​Delays in maritime shipping have been disrupting the global supply chain resulting in shortages on shelves, delays in manufacturing and construction as well as impacting businesses awaiting parts and supplies. Pacific Air Cargo Chief Operations Officer, Thomas Ingram said, “PAC has responded  to the disruption by increasing flights from LAX from 6 days to 7 days per week, as we try to help companies and consumers get the goods and materials they need in a timely manner. Tanja and I would also like to thank the PAC Team for their continued dedication and professionalism.”

Pacific Air Cargo continues to serve Los Angeles (LAX), Hawaii (HNL and all of the main Hawaiian Islands), Pago Pago (PPG) and Guam (GUM). For Hours of Operation and tender times, latest Flight Schedules, a Free Quote or to Book Online, visit: