PACIFIC AIR CARGO (PAC) has been transporting animals, from cats and polo horses to giraffes and almost anything in between, since 2000. Some of their favorite shipments have been working with Sue Chipperton of Check the Gate who supplies and trains animals for the television and film industries. Most recently, PAC transported the famous Magnum PI Dobermans (below), Zeus and Apollo, as they made their way back to Los Angeles after two weeks of filming.

But it isn’t just famousHollywood dogs that are entrusted to PAC; their canine shipping business has increased by 100% year over year in the second quarter of 2021. One of the reasons is the policy changes of commercial passenger airlines which have discontinued carrying animals, except for true service dogs. The best alternative for those who are relocating their animals in either direction between Southern California and Hawaii is to contact Pacific Air Cargo. The PAC staff are animal lovers who will treat them like their own. Canines transported by PAC ride in the well lit, air conditioned main deck of their 747-400F where they can be monitored. Their reputation for excellent service and a caring approach to their customer’s precious cargo has made them number one for animal transportation and firmly set them apart.