Find information about our regularly scheduled flights, additional fees and tariff rules as well as important forms.

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Flight schedule as of May 15, 2024, listing routes, days of operation, flight numbers, origin/destination, departure/arrival times, and equipment types.

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Fuel prices continue to fluctuate. PAC adjusts (or maintains) its fuel surcharge on or about every two weeks. Effective on July 15, 2024 the fuel surcharge for domestic and international will be as follows:

  • LAX-HNL-LAX – 67% **(Previously 67%) ($45 minimum)
  • INTERNATIONAL – PPG – $1.25/kg (Previously $1.25/kg) ($45 minimum)

PAC’s Fuel surcharge is based on a percentage of your tariff, not a per lb. charge. PAC believes this is a fair equation when compared to a per pound FSC. PAC’s fuel surcharge is based on PLATTS West Coast fuel prices which are published weekly. Changes to the surcharges will be posted approximately 15 days prior to the effective date.

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All shipments are subject to Security handling and a commensurate Security surcharge. It is important to meet government regulated Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requirements as to who has authorized access to aircraft and cargo at an active airport operation. It is also important to ensure that your very important shipment is secure at all times from the elements of theft, damage or other unknown, unauthorized persons.

Currently the Security Fee for all shipments between Hawaii and the Mainland is $.04/lb. or a $40 minimum. Shipments destined to a Hawaii Neighbor Island destination are subject to an additional Security surcharge. For applicable charges, please contact our PAC office in Los Angeles on (310) 645-2178 or in Honolulu on (808) 834-7977

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A fee of $35 will be added to the invoice total for each airway bill prepared by Pacific Air Cargo.

For most transfers, such as airline to airline, there will be a minimum fee of $50. This rate is not guaranteed if the freight is oversized or requires special handling/equipment. Please call for a quote.

Shipper must designate the category of Dangerous Goods being shipped by either:

  • Passenger Aircraft OK – Rated at the MUST RIDE rate plus $95.00 per declaration. Shipments destined to Neighbor Islands in Hawaii are subject to additional $50.00 per declaration.
  • Cargo Aircraft Only – Rated at $1.42 per lbs. plus $95.00 per declaration. Shipments destined to Neighbor Islands in Hawaii are subject to an additional $75.00 per declaration.

No discounts are given on Dangerous Goods (DG) shipments. Due to the ongoing level of inspections for Dangerous Goods, all DG shipments are subject to delay. 

Pacific Air Cargo accepts up to a $10,000 Declared Value with no pre-approval required. Any shipment with a Declared Value exceeding $10,000 requires PAC upper management approval. Please advise PAC whenever a Declared Value exceeds $10,000 at the time the booking is placed. Current charges are $0.85 per $100.00 Declared Value; minimum $20.00.

Fees begin after three (3) days. Fees will not exceed the cost to replace the equipment, plus 15%. Damages to equipment will also incur a bill-back of 115% of the cost to replace/repair the equipment.

  • LD3: $25 per day
  • M1/LD7/AMJ: $50 per day
  • M2/20 ft. pallet: $100 per day
  • Straps: $10 per day
  • Nets: $15 per day

Charges apply to Dimensional Weight or Actual Weight, whichever is greater.
Domestic = 194
International = 366
For example: Length” x Width” x Height” = X divided by 194 or 366 = Chargeable weight if greater than actual weight

Charges for copies of invoices are $5.00 per invoice.


Fuel surcharge is calculated as a percentage of the airfreight charges. It is determined by current and steady trends in the market and is therefore subject to change without notice. Pacific Air Cargo attempts to give a fourteen (14) day notice of intent to change the Fuel Surcharge however we recommended contacting a Pacific Air Cargo office or our website at: for regular Fuel Surcharge updates.

M1 VS LD7:

  • M1 defined as shipper-built if it is greater than 64” in height.
  • LD7 defined as shipper-built if it is 64” or less.
  • Note: An LD7 arriving at a PAC facility higher than 64” will result in the customer being charged for an M1.

Oversize surcharges begin at 84 inches (any dimension) and the criterion is as follows:

  • 84”-124” surcharged at 130% of applicable rate.
  • 125”-240”surcharged at 150% of applicable rate.
  • For any piece when all dimensions total 240” and over, please call for a quote.
  • For any one dimension over 240” please call for a quote. Oversize shipments that are not quoted are subject to a “position” charge or a higher percentage charge.
  • Oversize shipments are subject to delay.


  • Pacific Air Cargo uses third party partners for all outer island shipments.
  • Service levels cannot be guaranteed. Call for a quote; prices may fluctuate.

Any pallet requiring a re-build or re-configuration by Pacific Air Cargo so as to ensure that it will fit in the aircraft is subject to the following rebuild rates:

  • LD7 – $150 to $250 per PMC per build up/break down, PAG. $300 for PGA
  • M1 – $250
  • M2 (20 ft. container) – $300

It is the customer’s responsibility to verify re-weighs and re-dim. If the driver chooses NOT to wait for the dock re-weigh/dim then the bill will be rated as per the numbers from the Pacific Air Cargo warehouse staff. No discrepancies will be credited after billed.

All shipments are subject to Security surcharge. Shipments destined to an Neighbor Island Hawaii destination are subject to an additional Security surcharge. Please contact a Pacific Air Cargo office or the website at: for applicable charges.

PAC offers three (3) specific service levels:

  • MUST-RIDE: Overnight service
  • GENERAL: Up to three (3) Flight Days
  • STAND-BY: Up to five (5) Flight Days *** May take longer depending on space availability

In order for the rate comparable to the desired service level to apply, the customer must notate the service level on the air bill. If no level is notated, the cargo and rate will be considered GENERAL.


Cut Off Times must be met to secure desired service level.

  •    Shipper Built – 2.5 hours prior to departure.
  •    Loose Cargo – 4.5 hours prior to departure.

In order for a spot quote to be honored, the spot quote number must be noted on the air bill. Otherwise, the quote will not be valid.

Customer will be charged up to $100.00 in Import Fees for freight that is bonded.


  • Storage fees begin on day three (3) after arrival/notification of freight arrival, Sundays excluded.
  • Fees are charged at a rate of $.06 per lb., charged on actual weight, $ 30.00 minimum.
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