Los Angeles, CA, May 24, 2022 – On May 15, 2022, Pacific Air Cargo (PAC) had the privilege of flying the Paramount Pictures high-value movie projector and lenses from Los Angeles to Honolulu for the Hawaii premiere of “Top Gun 2: Maverick” starring Tom Cruise. 

Due to the US Navy’s Air Force’s massive support for the movie with their F-14 and F-18 fighter aircraft the Commander of the Pacific Fleet had requested the special

Paramount Studios Projector, Lenses etc for screening Top Gun Maverick

film premiere in Hawaii. This special screening was attended by over 1500 military servicemembers and their families from all branches across Oahu and was hosted in Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum’s historic, restored Hangar 79. Along with the film, two authentic aircraft flown in the summer blockbuster were on prominent display: the F-14 Tomcat flown in the original film and the more modern F-18 Hornet.

Admiral Samuel J. Paparo, Commander of the Pacific Fleet with Paul Skellon of PAC

“Pacific Air Cargo has for many years lent considerable support to the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum,” stated Tanja Janfruechte, Pacific Air Cargo CEO. “So, when this urgent request came in, we had no hesitation in offering our services.”

Paul Skellon, Director Marketing, Communication and PR added “As a former professional aviator, I was particularly impressed by the flying in this outstanding movie which is a ‘must-see’. I also urge everyone to visit the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum which has gone through extensive upgrades and exhibit restorations in recent years. It too, is a “must-see.”