Interview With: Paul Skellon, Director of Marketing, Communications and Public Relations at Pacific Air Cargo

How has your company mobilized to assist families on Maui? 

Like so many individuals, businesses and agencies throughout Hawaii and beyond, the team at Pacific Air Cargo rallied quickly, providing charter flights and dedicated service capacity to ship hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of immediate relief supplies [such as] food, drinking water, electricity generators, clothes, bedding, flashlights, etc. It has been heartwarming to see the response from our people and the local communities to not only supporting the thousands of people impacted but also the animals and wildlife. Pacific Air Cargo has worked closely with Rescue Kitties of Hawaii, Island Pet Movers, Hawaii Feathered Friends Network and Alaska Airlines to provide care and safety for these pets and animals.

Is anything else top-of-mind from leadership as to how your company is and will be responding in the future? 

The relief and rebuilding efforts are going to be ongoing for many months and years. We want Hawaii’s communities to know that we are with you for the long haul.