As part of this week’s Special Report on shipping, transportation and storage, Pacific Business News highlights shipping companies that have contributed to Hawaii’s communities. Writer Kelsey Kukaua recently mentioned us and here is a quote from Paul Skellon, director of marketing, communications and PR. 

“For more than 22 years, Pacific Air Cargo has been an active participant in the communities we serve throughout Hawaii. In many cases, this has been as a donor to local schools and community sports or cultural organizations that our employees are passionate about, and involved with. We have also supported many worthy organizations in the Islands and beyond, such as Ronald McDonald House Charities, Gregory House Programs, Make-a-Wish, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, AccesSurf, Rescue Kitties of Hawaii, and others. As a vital link between the United States Mainland, Hawaii, and the Pacific Islands of American Samoa and Guam, Pacific Air Cargo has regularly gifted our services, know-how and manpower skills with the transportation of life-sustaining equipment and medical supplies. This particularly fills us all with pride!”

“Perhaps our most significant contributions in recent times, beyond humanitarian aid, has been in support of the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum, Habilitat and the Honolulu Zoo. In the case of the Honolulu Zoo, over the past two years, Pacific Air Cargo has provided pro bono air transportation between Los Angeles and Honolulu for two giraffes, one hippo, one chimpanzee and, most recently, two black rhinoceros.”

“Giving such support for the Hawaii communities we serve helps reinforce our position as a responsible and caring member of Hawaii’s ohana, and it allows us to do it in the name of our team members in a way that perhaps they could not on their own.”