Honolulu, HI, June 24, 2021 – Pacific Air Cargo (PAC) has been transporting animals, from cats to giraffes and almost anything in between since 2000. Some of the favorite shipments they do are working with Sue Chipperton of Check the Gate. Most recently PAC transported the famous Magnum P.I. dogs, Zeus and Apollo as they made their way back to Los Angeles.

​Sue Chipperton has trained animals for Hollywood for 27 years, with the majority of that time at one of the leading animal companies (Studio Animal Services)​ ​as a senior trainer and animal coordinator.

In 2014 she launched her Hawaii-based company, Check The Gate, supplying animals for film and television for Hawaii and the world. Sue has worked on numerous episodes for two time Emmy Award winner Magnum P.I. and multi-Emmy nominated Hawaii 5-0, and recently she has assisted on film projects like Finding Ohana, A Simple Man plus Hobbs and Shaw.
Her other work has included training the Taco Bell Dog, the Aflac Duck and puppies for the Budweiser Super Bowl commercials.  She has also traveled the World working as a studio trainer in Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Chile, Hungary, Mexico, and Canada.

“It’s been a complete joy to work with Sue Chipperton over the years,” stated Paul Skellon, Pacific Air Cargo Director of Marketing. “As a company of pet lovers, we are proud that Sue always entrusts us to handle her precious animal cargo!”